Bar Council

The Bar Council is elected each September by its Class A members at an Annual General Meeting. It manages the general business of the ACT Bar Association and is responsible for regulating the professional conduct, practice and etiquette to be observed by practising barristers in accordance with the Legal Profession (Barristers) Rules and the Legal Profession Act 2006.

The ACT Bar Association is administered in part by a board of volunteers, drawn from our membership. We wish to acknowledge those who have given their time and expertise since 1991.

Current Council:

Marcus HassallPresident
Brodie BucklandVice President
Juliet BehrensDrSecretary
Prue BindonTreasurer
Andrew Berger KCCouncillor
Anthony Williamson SCCouncillor
Anca CostinCouncillor
Beth MorrisroeCouncillor
Jamie RonaldCouncillor