Practising Certificates

Before applying or renewing your Practising Certificate, you should familiarise yourself with the relevant provisions of the Legal Profession Act 2006 and Legal Profession Regulation 2007. The information requested will be used to process your application for a Practising Certificate or renewal of your Practising Certificate and to maintain the register of holders of ACT Practising certificates required by s79 of the Legal Profession Act 2006 as well as to carry out the Association’s functions under the Act and Regulations. The register includes the name of the legal practitioner, contact details of the office of the practice (street address, postal address and DX) and certain conditions imposed on the practising certificate. The Register is available for inspection by the public.

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PractIsing Certificate Exemption Policy

New ACT Practising Certificate (not a renewal) form.


SeniorityPC Fees (ex gst)Current Membership (inc gst)
Junior 13+ years$2,817.24$446.76
Junior 6 – 12 years$2,361.30$334.56
Junior 3 - 5 years$1,642.20$265.20
Junior 1 – 2 years$1336.20$223.38
Gov and Statutory Office PC Holders *$649.74$123.42
Government Non PCN/A$184.62
Interstate (Silk)N/A$344.76
Interstate JuniorN/A$304.98
Judicial, Retired Judicial, non-practising Barrister, Academic, OtherN/A$184.62

* Statutory Office Holder includes Solicitor-General; Director of Public Prosecutions; Parliamentary Counsel Office.

To apply for New ACT Practising Certificate (not a renewal) download the form here.