Bullying, Discrimination or Sexual Harrassment
Complaint and Report Form

This Complaint and Report Form allows for complaints or the reporting of occurrences of bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment to be made against barristers by other barristers, or by persons who engage with barristers. For example, personal assistants, secretaries, clerking staff, ACT Bar Association administration, volunteers, solicitors briefing or working with barristers, and those attending Bar related events.

It is intended to be used for the following purposes:

  • the making of a complaint of bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment whereby an investigation and response is sought; or
  • the reporting of an occurrence of bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment either experienced or witnessed for the purpose of better informing the training and awareness needs and initiatives of the Bar.

All information is treated confidentially in accordance with the principles as to confidentiality set out in the relevant policies:

No identifying information will be provided for any external reporting processes.

Please note if you are a client that wishes to make a complaint about your barrister, complaints should be directed to the CEO of the ACT Bar Association to be dealt with by the ACT Bar Ethics Committee.

The ACT Supreme Court’s policy on Inappropriate Workplace Conduct can be found here.

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    A report of conduct under the ACT Bar Policy against sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying is used to inform the Bar about the incidence of non complying behaviour that is occurring. Reports are used for the purpose of training and education. If you want action taken you will need to make a complaint. A report will not be investigated and no action will be taken.

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    (If you are not sure which box to tick, you can likely find this information through the ‘Find a Barrister’ function on our website)
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    Complaints portal available soon. In the meantime please use the Complaints – General process.