Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

The ACT Bar Association’s Group Life Scheme (“TPD”) offers a $300,000 insurance benefit to practising barristers in the Australian Capital Territory. The Scheme allows the Association to act collectively to obtain Life and Total Disability Insurance for members and achieve superior terms and conditions as well as substantial reductions in premium rates. This ensues from the bargaining position of the ACT Bar on behalf of its members.

Group Policy Document 2023

ACT Bar Annual Premium Table 2023

The key features of the scheme are:

  • the benefit is a standard $300,000 which becomes payable on the member dying or being disabled from conducting a practice as a barrister
  • the premiums are incredibly competitive
  • there is no medical test to join
  • provision to opt out at 55.

The Scheme provides for death and TPD cover. Under the death cover, the insurer pays on death or terminal illness. Under the TPD cover, the insurer pays if the member is permanently incapacitated from working as a Barrister.

The Scheme was formally approved on 13 October 2011 at the, annual AGM and commenced in July 2012.