Where can I get Legal Advice

While the ACT Bar Association does not provide legal advice, here are some links to assist you with finding the right legal help for you.

The ACT Law Society
Legal Aid ACT
ACT Government information

Before approaching / briefing a barrister you should discuss your case with a lawyer who can give you advise and discuss whether you will need a barrister. The ACT Bar Association members have a long history of providing pro bono legal services for a low or no fee. These services are provided not only to clients in the form of legal advice and court appearances, but also to governments as advice, submissions on proposed law reform, and involvement in the regulation of the legal profession generally.

Pro bono work is an important aspect of the professionalism of the ACT Bar. Most barristers undertake pro bono work, and some barristers have indicated that they are willing to do pro bono work for clients. Each barrister has discretion as to who he or she is willing to represent free or for a reduced fee, and in what circumstances. Barristers are also able to accept a brief on a conditional basis. That is, a client is required to pay only if the matter is resolved successfully.