Make a Complaint

Anyone can make a complaint about the conduct of a barrister in the ACT. All complaints must be submitted to the ACT Bar Association. The making of complaints and how they are to be dealt with is regulated by the Legal Profession Act 2006. A complaint should be made to the ACT Bar Council. The Council will not be able to accept a complaint unless:

  • it is in writing;
  • the complainant is identified;
  • the conduct is described and the person complained about is named or sufficiently described;
  • the date of the conduct is specified;
  • Council may ask for more information, or for it to be provided in a statutory declaration.

Please forward your complaint to the below address or email

The President
ACT Bar Association

5th Floor, AMP Building
1 Hobart Place
Canberra City ACT 2601


PO Box 789
Canberra City ACT 2601