Membership and Renewal

Membership of the ACT Bar Association is open to all barristers practising in the territory, as well as interstate barristers and others in the legal profession, including academics. We provide a comprehensive range of member benefits including:

  • Regular, affordable continuing professional development (CPD) seminars
  • Conferences
  • Daily notices and news updates on relevant local issues
  • The Bar Bulletin, the journal of the ACT Bar Association
  • Listing in our online ‘Find a Barrister’ directory
  • Fleet/corporate discounts on vehicles, health insurance, accommodation and car hire.
  • Social events such as the Bench and Bar Dinner, Junior Drinks, skiing trips and more.

Application Form for Membership of the ACT Bar Association

The ACT Bar Association is a Constituent member of the Law Council of Australia and the Australian Bar Association.


The ACT Bar Association offers all members access to the Member Benefits Scheme.  Members are entitled to some great benefits and assistance from the local area such as financial planning, insurance discounts, accountants, car deals, legal attire and much more.  You can access these benefits .


If you have chosen to be a member of the Australian Bar Association, you will also have access to these benefits.