Notice of Amendment — Legal Profession (Barrister) Rules 2006

At the Annual General Meeting of the ACT Bar Association held on 17 September 2020 members resolved to amend rule 122 of the Legal Profession (Barrister) Rules 2006. The object of the proposed amendments to 122 is to:

  1. include a sub-rule specifically dealing with bullying (which is not currently covered in rule 122);
  2. remove the specific sub-rule covering vilification (which is a form of discrimination and therefore already covered by the sub-rule dealing with discrimination); and
  3. remove the substance of the complaint procedure and replace it with a reference to the Bar Council complaint procedure as published from time to time (now contained in the ACT Bar Association’s policies on discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying).

A marked-up version of the amendments can be accessed here.

Written comments and submissions are invited to be made to the Secretary of the ACT Bar Association within 21 days from 14 November 2020.

All written submissions should be forwarded to the ACT Bar Association, GPO Box 789, Canberra ACT 2601 by 4 December 2020.